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Life Membership Recipients

2018-2019 TSRT Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
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TSRT Life Membership Recipients

     The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists has honored the following individuals with Life Memberships into the TSRT for their hard work and dedication to the state organization. Life Memberships are selected by the TSRT Board and presented to the recognized individual who has rendered unusual service to TSRT.

     The following individuals have been honored with Life Memberships with TSRT:

Margaret Bishop
Cleveland Black
Norman Burgess
Royce Burns*
Linda Cluff*
Melvin Cobb
Sharon Coffey*
Holly Evans McDaniel
Willard Filyaw*
Gaynell Gainer
Lisa Ganus
Juanita Gladden
Melanie Hail
Michael Hart
James Johnston
Cedric Jolivet
Georgia Kimball - (Associate)
Eva Legler*
Lois Lehman
Tim Moore - (Associate)
Scott Morren
Carolyn Nicholas
Kay Nolen
Eusebio Ortiz
William Plaut (Emeritus)
Marie Racine
Ruth Roberts*
Marilyn Sackett
Betty Shinn
Viola Steelman
Edith Strybos
Cheryl Timm
Evelyn Walston*
Charles Washington
Gary Whitley
* denotes deceased

Life Membership Policy:

Life Members are those active members who have maintained continuous membership for a minimum of 10 years and shall be limited to one for each 100 active members. Their participation as a member shall reflect exceptional service and dedication to the TSRT and the profession. They shall be selected by three‐fourths (3/4) vote of the entire membership of the Board of Directors. They shall have all rights, privileges and obligations of active members.



Life Membership is an honor recognizing members for their special contributions to TSRT and the profession. This membership status is confined to active members who qualify within the eligibility guidelines. It should not be confused with retired or inactive status. Life Members are exempt from all annual dues payments. Life Members retain all rights and privileges of active members.  Life Membership recognizes the valuable contributions of individuals to the past, current and future of TSRT and the profession. In particular, Life Membership recognizes a wide range of contributions – more than simply being a long‐term TSRT member. Life Membership should be awarded for sustained superior performance in support of the TSRT mission, vision, and the profession.




Life Membership may be considered for a member who:

Is in good standing (dues fully paid through the current year).

Has been an active member for a minimum of 10 years.

Has made contributions to TSRT and the profession that reflect exceptional service and dedication.

Is an advocate for TSRT’s mission and strategic initiatives.



Nominations for Life Membership shall be made by a TSRT member in the form of a completed Life Membership  Nomination Packet.


Life Membership Nomination Packet

First Name
Last Name
TSRT Membership ID
Number of Years as an Active Member
Why should this person be considered for Life Membership into TSRT?
What board positions has this person served in?Board Chair
President Elect
Vice President
Committee Chair
Committee Member
Area Counselor
Affiliate Subordinate Officer
Name of person submitting nomination
Your TSRT Membership ID
Your TSRT Membership Expiration Date
Your email address
Your telephone number