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Election/Position Statement

2018-2019 TSRT Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
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The election will be held from  October 16- November 30. 

Eduardo Garcia, RTR

Dallas, Texas

Employer: Medical City Dallas Hospital


 As a Radiologic Technologist, I have dedicated my career to professionalism and quality for more than 14 years.  My commitment to provide compassionate care and to always enrich the lives of those around me has fueled my dedication to radiologic imaging.  My experience in many disciplines such as pediatrics, surgery, and interventional radiology show my desire for continuous improvement and commitment to our field.  This makes me a quality candidate to represent our organization.  I have been involved as a TSRT member for years and have actively participated in the Organization Development Marketing (ODM) and Legislative Committee, which illustrates my commitment to this profession and this organization.  I believe in the stake we hold as imaging professionals as well as our importance to healthcare.  Serving, as an officer for our society would allow me to promote our professional quality, set high standards, and articulate our Voice.

Kyle Green, BSRT (R) (CT)

Houston, Texas

Employer: First Texas Hospital Cy-Fair 


Since 1932, the TSRT has been the pinnacle of education and compliance for imaging professionals in the Great state of Texas.  The organizations ability to stand the test of time and to provide my colleagues and I, with panoramic coverage in every fact of our profession is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  That being said, I feel as though there is room for improvements and it starts with our ability to communicate with our members, both present and future.  Our members are our life-blood, and the very reason the TSRT exists.  Over the last year, with the work of the TSRT Board and as the Chair of the Organizational Development and Market Committee, we have worked vigorously as a committee to appoint and incorporate new people and fresh ideas that will undoubtedly change this society for the better.  We are committed to becoming the society that we know we have the potential of transforming into, and we look forward to doing that with you.  Here are a few of the ideas that I plan on pursing if elected:

  • A new website that is not only user friendly, but much more secure and aesthetically appealing
  • Scholarships for our best and brightest student members.  We want to reward our future for their hard work.
  • Better and more beneficial annual meetings.  I want the TSRT to be the best option for our members when it comes to continuing education.  With the possibility of the Texas Medical Board incorporating changes to requirements, I am committed to making that transition seamless for both the TMB, and our members.
  • A more united front amongst imaging professionals in general.  As you all know, our committee members have had to go to Austin on several occasions to battle encroachment by the nursing profession.  I promise to continue protecting our rights and our profession from anyone that doesn't have the education to safely irradiate our patients.

Although, this only scratches the surface of what I have planned, I want you to know that I am committed to improving this society for our members.  I want imaging professionals to be proud to call themselves TSRT members.  I am honored to be given the opportunity to run for this position, and I would truly appreciate your vote.  "It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations.  Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects." - Nikola Tesla

S. Jeanifeer Lara, MSRS, RT (R) (MR) (ARRT)

Houston, Texas

Employer: Harris Health


The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists is the premier organization and the voice for all diagnostic imaging professionals in the state of Texas.  TSRT has been committed as an advocate to ensure that technologists have proper representation in legislative matters, as a promoter of unity as a society, and as an educator, sharing the latest research information with all members and no-members of the professional imaging field.

I was introduced to TSRT as a radiography student and have been an active member of TSRT for the last ten years.  During this time, I have had the opportunity to participate in many facets of the society:  the education alliance, the nomination committee, and as a present at the annual meeting on multiple occasions.

My experience with TSRT has given me an opportunity to witness the elevation of our society, and the committed and dedicated leadership that continues to develop and unite Texas into a stronger force.

I am honored to be a nominated to serve with the TSRT leadership team.  Looking towards the future, as a leader of the community, I will continue the efforts to engage the community of imaging professionals, and to unite and embrace the importance of growing together as a society.  As we face new legislative challenges, we must rely on our strengths, commitment, and passion for the preservation of our esteemed society.

Marilu Kameliski, BS RT (R) (M) (ARRT)

Dallas, Texas

Employer: Parkland Hospital and UT Southwestern


My name is Marilu Kameliski BS R.T. (R)(M)(ARRT).  I am presently the business manager of the North Texas Radiologic Technologist Society, and the Chair of the ASRT recognized Top 25 Technologist here in Dallas Fort Worth area and beyond, up to Wichita Falls.  We work very closely up here in North Texas, and I am very proud of how our radiology has become so success.  I want to work with TSRT and see our state society grow.  It is already awesome, and I would love to see it increase in it's greatness.  I have a strong passion for the radiology profession and I enjoy what I do.  We have created a radiology family in North Texas, Texas strong!  Now I would love to join your family as the VP of TSRT.  I have been a member of the Board for NTRTS over the years.  I have spoken at TSRT, and I have gone to ASRTs RT in DC with NTRTS a couple of times.  I have been a mammography/radiology technologist for 30 years.  I work at Parkland in mammo and UTSW in radiology prn in Dallas.  I love my jobs!  Enough about me, let's talk about us and TSRT.  TSRT's future is bigger than you have ever imagined!  Can you envision this?  If you can please vote for me as VP.  I will work hard for you all!