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This manual is designed as an information source for use solely by the TSRT Board and Student Intern.  The policies and procedures contained are those that have been approved by the Board. The Board Chair provides an updated copy of the Student Intern Manual for the Student Intern, Executive Board Members, and for posting on the TSRT website. The Board Chair will provide further updates as changes in policies and procedures occur.


Information contained within this manual may not be released without the prior approval of the Board.


Any language contained in this manual should not be construed as a contract of employment to any individual and a contract should not otherwise be implied.


The TSRT Board reserves the express right to change any policy in the manual at any time.


Throughout this manual the word mentor will be used interchangeably with the Senior Board Member. 


 A.      PURPOSE

1.       The purpose of the Student Intern program is to foster knowledgeable students with insight into the activities, functions, purpose, and goals of the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists, Inc. and to increase student participation and involvement in their professional organization.

2.        Upon completion of serving a one-year term, the Student Intern should be able to:

a.       Explain the workings of the TSRT board

b.       Identify the members of the TSRT board and briefly describe their duties

c.      Operate as a member of a committee

d.      Properly prepare and submit a board report

e.      Serve as an active member of a board

f.       Promote TSRT to their peers

g.       Serve as a spokesperson for student members


All applicants must:


1.       Make an electronic application to serve as a Student Intern to be received by September 1st.


2.       Be a 1st or 2nd year student enrolled in an accredited entry-level program in the radiologic sciences at the time of application.


3.        Be available to attend all TSRT Board of Directors meetings and the TSRT Annual Conference.  The Annual Conference and Business Sessions occur at the end of the Student Intern’s term.  Availability must be established prior to the applicant’s acceptance into the Student Intern Program.


4.        Be a current TSRT member at the time of application and maintain membership while serving as a Student Intern.



1.       Student Interns will be selected by the TSRT Board of Directors and notified no later than October 1st.

2.       The number of Student interns is the prerogative of the TSRT Board each year.


D.      TERM

1.       The term will begin at the 1st board meeting of one year and conclude at the close of the Annual Conference and final board meeting of the following year.



1.       The Vice-President will be the primary mentor for the Student Intern.  The mentor will assign the Student Intern to a different board member at each board meeting.  For example:


         1st board meeting—Vice President

         2nd board meeting— President- Elect

         3rd board meeting— President

         4th board meeting— Chairman of the Board             

2.       The Vice-President will be responsible for briefing the Student Intern prior to the board meeting, seeing that the Student Intern is sitting with the proper person during the meeting, debriefing the Student Intern following the meeting and answering any questions pertinent to the position. The Board Chair will also work with and encourage the Student Intern.


1.       The TSRT will award a Certificate/Letter of Recognition to the Student Intern.

2.       Student interns will have the opportunity to earn free annual meeting registration and membership.

3.       During the term, the Student Intern will be responsible for attendance at all board meetings and the business sessions at the Annual Conference and will earn award points as designated.  The shaded areas in the table below are not mandatory for attendance but provide other avenues to earn award points.  Applicable business sessions occur at the Annual Conference at the end of the Student Intern’s term.


1.       There will be a Student Intern orientation to include:

a.       Purpose of the Student Intern Program

b.       Definitions

c.       Guidelines

d.       Code of Ethics

e.       Responsibilities

f.         Required Attendance/Excused Absence Form

g.       Student Intern Policies

h.       Student Intern Awards

i.         Student Intern Performance Evaluation

j.          Student Intern Program Evaluation

k.        Distribution of the TSRT Bylaws and Special Rules and Student Intern Manual


2.       The Student Intern orientation will be held each year during the TSRT Annual Conference prior to the first TSRT Board of Directors meeting.  The Student Intern orientation will be conducted by the Senior Board Member.



                The TSRT shall:


1.       Plan and administer the Student Intern Program.

2.       Make Student Intern applications available and provide a copy of the Student Intern Manual to all involved parties in a timely manner.

3.       Accept completed applications.

4.       Inform all involved individuals of final selection outcome.

5.       Provide the Student Intern with all scheduled dates for required attendance during term as a Student Intern.

6.       Recognize Student Intern(s) and mentor at the Awards Business Session of the Annual Conference and in the Annual Conference Final Program Booklet.

7.       Present Certificates of Recognition to each Student Intern and mentor at the Annual Conference.



The Student Intern Program offers the TSRT a unique opportunity to foster potential new officers and/or committee chairmen/members.  Your attitude, actions and acceptance of the program will in essence predict its success.  You will have the responsibility to be familiar with all policies and guidelines of the Student Intern Program, and, as a mentor, assist the Student Intern in successfully accomplishing all that is required.  It is essential that this opportunity be a productive and positive learning experience.  The TSRT is depending on you, as a mentor, to convey the epitome of professionalism during all your interactions.  The personal involvement of your Student Intern is of the utmost importance, and as a mentor you must convey a positive attitude at all times, to insure an atmosphere of cohesiveness and professionalism.


The mentor shall:


1.       Personally communicate and work closely with the Student Intern.

2.       Conduct an orientation program for the Student Intern.

3.       Assign tasks that are appropriate and within the guidelines for the Student Intern.

4.       Adhere to all policies and guidelines regarding the Student Intern Program.

5.       Set an example as a role model for the Student Intern.


6.        Ensure that the Student Intern has been informed of all scheduled times and places of required meetings and special meetings.


7.        Complete a board approved Student Intern Performance Evaluation.



Immediately upon assuming the responsibilities of a TSRT Student Intern, you are required to attend the official orientation program conducted by the Senior Board member.  Orientation is your introduction to a unique experience with the professional organization that represents you.  Your conduct, sincerity, and incentive are a necessity if you are going to have a positive learning experience.  The knowledge gained during your term as an "Intern" can enhance your professional perspective and prepare you for future professional endeavors.  Your involvement can lend itself to a greater understanding of the activities, functions, purpose and goals of the TSRT.  A genuinely sincere effort to participate can foster your continued involvement in the TSRT as a registered technologist.  It is your duty to take full advantage of this unique opportunity by applying all of your efforts to not only comply with the policies and guidelines, but by utilizing the term as "Intern" to improve your understanding of the TSRT.  This is an opportunity to foster your professional growth and maturity.


As the Student Intern, when on official business for the Board or the Society, you are an official spokesman.  The Student Intern’s words, whether in conversations, speeches, or written reports, are interpreted to reflect the board and the Society policies.  For this reason, each Student Intern member must be conscious at all times of what he is saying or writing, how it might be interpreted by others and whether he is truly reflecting established policies.  In the event that a Student Intern is approached verbally or in writing regarding a concern/issue, the Chairman of the Board shall be notified immediately and then the Chairman of the Board will consult with all board members prior to giving a response.  (Refer to Board Policy and Procedure Section II. C. Communications Policy.)


                The Student Intern shall:


1.       Become familiar with and adhere to the Student Intern Manual.

2.       Conduct himself in a professional manner at all times, adhere to all Student Intern policies and guidelines governing the Student Intern Program and may not exceed his responsibility boundaries.

3.       Sign and adhere to the Board approved "Code of Ethics" statement.

4.       Attend the TSRT Student Intern orientation program.

5.       Attend all Board of Directors meetings, the TSRT Annual Conference, and all Business Sessions and any special meetings of the TSRT and/or Board of Directors meetings as instructed.  The Annual Conference and Business Sessions occur at the end of the Student Intern’s term.

6.       Be punctual for all required meetings.

7.       Submit a written Board report (see example, page 11) prior to all Board of Directors meetings upon notice from the Executive Secretary.

8.       Complete the Excused Absence Form if unable to attend a required meeting and submit the completed form to the Chairman of the Board and the mentor two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.

9.       Perform duties as assigned by the mentor and/or the TSRT Board of Directors on a timely basis.


10.   Assume responsibility for attendance at TSRT educational courses at the Annual Conference.

11.   Submit a completed Student Intern Program Evaluation within 30 days after completion of the Student Intern Program to the current TSRT President.




Each Student Intern must sign and adhere to the Board approved "Code of Ethics" as follows.  The Code of Ethics is to serve as a guide for professional and ethical conduct during the term as a TSRT Student Intern.


The Student Intern shall:


a.       Fulfill the responsibilities of the TSRT Student Intern.

b.       Become knowledgeable of all required documents governing the Student Intern Program.

c.       Comply with all TSRT Student Intern policies and guidelines.

d.       Conduct oneself in a professional manner which reflects dignity, respect and a positive attitude toward the radiologic sciences and the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists, Inc.

e.       Respond to a charge/task assigned by the mentor and/or the Board of Directors.

f.        Perform charges/tasks in a competent and timely manner.


g.       Maintain confidentiality of all TSRT information and sensitive matters during and after completion of the term as Student Intern.


h.       Participate in and actively support the TSRT and its Student Intern Program.

i.         Work with the mentor, Board of Directors and fellow Student Interns in a positive manner reflecting respect and cooperation.



The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists is committed to planning and providing leadership for the Student Intern Program. The purpose of the program is to foster knowledgeable students with an insight into the activities, functions, purpose, and goals of the TSRT and to increase the participation and involvement of students.




Student Intern applicants must be a student of an accredited entry level program in the Radiologic Sciences.  The Student Intern must be available to attend all TSRT Board of Directors meetings, the TSRT Annual Conference, and all Business Sessions.  The Annual Conference and Business Sessions occur at the end of the Student Intern’s term.  A Student Intern who graduates may continue the program as a technologist until the end of their term or they may withdraw from the program upon graduation by submitting a written letter to the TSRT Board of Directors. The Student Intern applicant must be a current member of the TSRT at the time of application and must maintain TSRT membership while serving as a Student Intern.  Please include a copy of your TSRT membership card.