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2018-2019 TSRT Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
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Student BEE 


First Place          $150.00 Cash Award

Second Place     $100.00 Cash Award

Third Place         $  50.00 Cash Award


1.  The TSRT Student Bee is an academic competition between students from diagnostic medical imaging schools.

2. Competing students are gathered into one room and seated near the front close to the presentation screen and the moderators.

3. Competition may be divided into gender competitions and/or second year students and first year students.

4.  Students will be asked multiple-choice questions related to the radiography curriculum. Each question will be displayed on the presentation screen(s).

5. Each student is given a set of white cards with the letters A, B, C, and D. Students will use the cards to identify their selected answer for each multiple choice question.

6. A set amount of time will be given for the competing students to select their answer for each question.

7.  The moderator will then ask each student to hold their selected answer up over their head to display their selection.

8.  The correct answer will then be displayed on the presentation screen.

9. Students answering the question correctly will remain seated and advance to the next question.

10.  Students answering the question incorrectly will be removed from the competition.

11.  The process will continue until 5-10 remaining students are left in the competition. The winners of the preliminary rounds will advance to the final round.

12.  The final round will continue the multiple choice question process until a winner is determined.

13.  First, second, and third place winners will be recognized and awarded prizes.

14.  The following individuals/groups are prohibited from entering this competition:  Companies, School Employees, Faculty Members, Educators, TSRT Board Members, Judges, and Companies or Individuals with TSRT Contracts.  Students registered in any primary medical imaging modality (Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, etc.) regardless of enrollment status, will be qualified as a registered technologist: therefore, the individual is ineligible to compete with non-registered student technologists.  This standard will be applied according to the status during the time of competition.