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Summer/Fall 2016


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    TSRT Board Chair Report

    Message From The President

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Welcome to the TSRT 2016 Summer/Fall Tex-Rays!

This electronic mail out is a free service provided to members by the TSRT Board and Officers.  It is published through the TSRT Executive Office.  The goal is to provide valuable information to our membership.  Your input regarding topics, questions and policies is encouraged.  If you have comments, please contact us at tsrt@runbox.com.

TSRT Board Chair Report- Tiffani Walker

STAY CONNECTED:  Get the latest new from your Area Counselors regarding professional interest that affects you in Texas.  There are 8 Regions in Texas.  Have you been mapped?  TSRT Area Counselors need your help by confirming your place of employment or imaging services in Texas.  The ATLAS serves as a valuable resource to each area of the state.  Area counselors can spread the current issues of the society to technologists in their area if you have made a connection with them.  Send your Area Counselor an email requesting to be placed on their electronic communications for your area!  Let the TSRT ATLAS help you in your profession. There are several positions open at this time.  If you know someone that might be willing to serve, please send their name into the TSRT Board.

(ATLAS Page)

Message from the President – Brian Rich

We have a full slate of activities that are beginning to come together and take place. The Texas Medical Board had a stakeholder’s meeting to discuss rule changes and announced the Texas Board of Medical Radiologic Technology. The Budget and Bylaw Committee will be meeting to discuss changes to be in line with ASRT and their recommendations. The Nomination Committee has sent out notices for the upcoming Vice President for TSRT elections and plans for the 85th TSRT Annual meeting are being put into place. We are constantly watching the Sunset Commission and their actions regarding their review for the TMB as well.


First, the TSRT Board Chair, Tiffani Walker, met with the TMB in a stakeholders meeting where discussions of rulemaking and changes took place. Tiffani reported it was good meeting with the TMB staff listening to advice and suggestions. Included in the discussion were possible changes to how CEs must be accrued; the number of 24 will remain however the number of instructor-led classes may increase. Also discussed were, of course, the background checks through fingerprinting that were implemented in the transition and other new changes to acquire a license. We will send out more information as soon as the next shareholder’s meeting takes place with a little more clarity and changes. We encourage you to read TMB Rules Chapter 194 which deals with Medical Radiologic Technology.


The TMB also released the list of newly Governor appointed Texas Board of Medical Radiologic Technology. With this board, technologists will have more representation and voice than before. The Board is made up of four technologists, three public members and two medical doctors. We would like to congratulate Scott Morren, our past President of TSRT as well as Nicholas Beckmann, M.D. of Houston, Anthony “Tony” Jaso of San Antonio, Faraz Khan, M.D. of Houston, Regan Landreth of Georgetown, Carol Waddell of West, Joe Chow of Dallas and Jennifer Flanagan of Fort Worth. Congratulations once again.


TSRT’s Nominations Committee has begun taking nominations for the upcoming Vice President election for TSRT. The call for nominations went out June 15th. We encourage you to please nominate some you know who is committed to serving four years on the board and the desire to grow and change TSRT to the great heights it once was. If you believe you are that person then throw your ring in the hat! Time for nominations is drawing to a close at 11:59 p.m. CT Monday, August 15th, 2016 so get your nominations in.


The call for Budget and Bylaw revisions went out at the same time and this too has the same deadline of 11:59 p.m. CT Monday, August 15th, 2016. Please offer your input to our bylaws and suggestions to the budget. Please get involved and participate in this important process. As with everything to improve TSRT, it starts with involvement.


Our annual meeting will be April 6th-8th at Tarrant County College for the second year in a row. The annual meeting committee is wrapping up details for the format of each day. We have gotten approval to have something new this year with the student iLead presentations. This year, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists has given us the green light to bundle student presentations for CE credits. We believe this will bring a new dimension and excitement for the students and a different class for technologists. It is a win-win situation for all.


Lastly, the Sunset Commission has set a tentative public meeting date of December 8th and 9th, 2016 for testimony on recommendations for the Texas Medical Board. As of now, we have not had any information that would cause concern regarding licensure or other RT issues. We are staying in contact with representatives down in Austin that are monitoring the proceedings. I have had conversations with the Executive Director of the TMB and she is positively behind technologists to remain licensed in our great state. As always, the Legislative Committee will continue to send out updates as needed.


I thank all of your for your input, participation and involvement in TSRT and our professional society. Please continue to contact us and make your mark with our society.


President Elect Report – Jesse Pennington

TSRT is committed to promoting patient safety and the radiologic sciences by working with ASRT, ARRT, state legislatures and state regulatory agencies in Texas.  The mission of the TSRT Legislative Committee is to promote, enhance and defend professional standards in Texas.

TSRT has a ONE Voice Movement!  The actions of legislative bodies can have a profound effect on the education and wellbeing of radiologic professionals, and TSRT serves as the voice of Texas technologist in many legislative endeavors.  TSRT supports legislation that improves health, wellbeing and educational opportunities for every imaging professional.  Successful implementation of our legislative positions is characterized by people working together to assure wise legislative decisions through knowledge of the process and an understanding of the issue. 

TSRT is hosting a membership drive.  Our goal for Texas imaging professionals is to “Find the Value of a Radiologic Technologist: Understanding and Communicating Your Worth.”  We ask is being a TSRT member not worth your dime?  A year membership with TSRT is less than dime a day.  Advocacy is priceless to our profession.  The TSRT is continuously striving to improve and better represent Texas Technologist in dedication to the highest standards.

(Under the Dome Page and ODM Membership Drive Picture Home Page)

Vice President Report – Hazel Bourne

TSRT student competitions are always a lot of fun and memorable each year at annual meeting.  TSRT 2017 will be no different. TSRT student competitions include: Award of Merit Manuscripts, I-Lead Presentations, Scientific Displays, the Student Bee and the RAD Tees T-Shirt. As a reminder, students wishing to compete must be a member by the end of December 2016.  Be on the lookout for the “BACK to SCHOOL” Membership Drive for all imaging students.


(Competition and Honors Page)

Area Counselor Reports

Do YOU know someone in these regions that might be willing to serve as an Area Counselor?  Send their name and contact information to tsrt@runbox.com if you or someone is willing to serve in these positions.

Central – (Position Open)

This area covers Bryan, College Station, Waco Region

Midwest – (Position Open)

This area covers Abilene, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo Region

Northeast – Jeniesa Johnson 

This area covers Dallas, Ft. Worth, Texoma, Tyler Region

Northwest- Gloria Clemons 

This area covers Amarillo, Lubbock, Wichita Falls Region

South – (Position Open) 

This area covers Corpus Christi, Padre Region

Southcentral – Margaret Bishop 

This area covers Austin, San Antonio, San Marcus Region

Southeast – Melanie Hail

 This area covers Beaumont, Galveston, Houston, Huntsville Region

West – Jose Rodriguez 

This area covers Alpine, El Paso, Pecos Region


Executive Office Report – Lisa Ganus

TSRT has issued 2420 membership identification numbers to licensed medical radiologic technologist in Texas.  Of this number, 1877 are currently expired.  Therefore, TSRT has 543 active members. (7.1.2016)

Editor Notes

The articles in this publication are not copy righted; if any good is found we would like to share it.  Tex-Rays are published three/four times a year.  The opinions are those of the author and in no way reflect the opinion or the policy of the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologist, Inc.  The initials “RT” imply certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist.  Tex-Rays is available for downloading and printing from the TSRT website at www.tsrt.info


Rules for Contribution:  All material should be typewritten, double spaced, with wide margins on a medium weight paper with one carbon copy attached.  The author’s name and address should appear on the back of the copy.  Use full names and address of all persons mentioned and write article in good form.  Submissions may also be sent electronically to tsrt@runbox.com No photographs.  The editorial staff reserves the right to reject submitted articles.  All articles should reach the editor not later than the first of the month preceding publication.