Tex-Rays 2016 Spring/Summer Edition

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Spring/Summer 2016

Volume 1, Number 1

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    TSRT Board Chair Report

    Message From The President

    President Elect Report

    Vice President Report

    Area Counselor Report

    Executive Office Report

    Editor Notes

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Welcome to the TSRT 2016 Spring/Summer Tex-Rays!

This electronic mail out is a free service provided to members by the TSRT Board and Officers.  It is published through the TSRT Executive Office.  The goal is to provide valuable information to our membership.  Your input regarding topics, questions and policies is encouraged.  If you have comments, please contact us at tsrt@runbox.com.

TSRT Board Chair Report- Tiffani Walker

The HUB of our organization is our active committees and appointments.  Take a glance at what your organization committees are doing this summer:

ASRT House of Delegate Meeting – TSRT Board Members will be attending this meeting in June.

Annual Meeting - TSRT 2017 is already being planned by the Annual Meeting Committee.  We will be heading back to Tarrant County College for the 85th Annual Meeting and Symposium.  The theme for the meeting is “The Value of a Radiologic Technologist: Understanding and Communicating Your Worth”.

Budget & Bylaws - A complete review of the Budget and Bylaws are taking place over the summer.  ASRT will be assisting with this review.

Educational Alliance/Student Affairs – Our educators are busy preparing to host our students at TSRT 2017.  The Student Format will be a little different for our Annual Meeting.  Be on the look out for changes!

Legislation – This group is always busy.  They are working on issues at both the National and State level.  ASRT has issued two statements in the past two months regarding the technologist involvement in their profession.  TSRT has a ONE Voice Campaign going for state issues.  We need all technologists to join and show their support!  Grass-roots Advocacy is important.

Nominating Committee – Do you know someone who would make a great officer at the State level?  Get ready to submit their name into the committee so that the Chair can contact them about serving.  The Call for Nominations is just around the corner.

ODM Committee – What attracts you to TSRT?  Why do you stay a member?  Is there value in your membership?  These are all questions that the ODM Committee is exploring.  How can the organization better serve you?  How can TSRT develop new inspiring changes in the organization?  How can we market the value of your membership to attract all 28,000+ technologists in Texas? 

Message from the President – Brian Rich

Thank you for allowing me this privilege to be your President and to serve you and our profession.


The TSRT Board of Directors is committed to work hard and continue to make positive changes to our organization.  We have a lot of work to do within our organization.  We need to grow membership.  We need to involve the tens of thousands of technologist in Texas.  We need to stay committed to legislative efforts at both the State and National levels.  We need to ensure good stewardship of our budget and funds provided by our members.


TSRT needs everyone to become involved.  We, as a board, need to find out why membership has dropped and design a solid plan, working in conjunction with current members and the ODM committee members, to reach out and offer technologists real commitment to them and our profession.  Our challenge is to restore the membership to where it once was and to offer our society a reason to become members.  With the help of each of you, I know we can do this.  We can do this by promoting TSRT to our co-workers and friends.  We can do this by coming up with strong promotions for new and renewing members.  We encourage your input and feedback.  We need to restore professional engagement on the local level.


It takes all of us to create value in our profession.  We all have to be involved.  We have to be the best professionals we can be to promote our society; to set the example for up and coming technologists.  We have a tough job to set the bar and grow the TSRT to heights it once was before; stronger and better. (portions of TSRT 2016 Incoming Presidential Address)

President Elect Report – Jesse Pennington

On March 11th and 12th the TSRT completed the 84th Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium at the beautiful Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, TX. The facilities were fantastic. I hope everyone took advantage of the CE and had an opportunity to network with some old friends and make a few new friends as well. The newly elected TSRT Board Members included: Tiffani Walker, Board Chair; Brian Rich, President; Jesse Pennington, President Elect; and Hazel Bourne, Vice President. This year’s annual meeting was wonderful success and I want to thank everyone involved. In particular, I want to thank the TSRT Board Members and our Executive Office Manager, Lisa Ganus.

There are a number of issues and concerns on the minds of the TSRT membership, licensure remains at the top of the list. The change in the licensure has been stressful for anyone attempting to complete the process in recent months. I want to thank Brian Rich for his continued efforts and hard work to provide us with the latest updates for the Medical Radiologic Technologist licensure process with the Texas Medical Board. The TSRT will continue to monitor the licensing process and provide updates as news becomes available.

In addition to licensure, the Radiologist Assistant (RA) Bill Endorsement is also on the minds of many radiographers this spring. TSRT are pleased to offer our strong support for H.R. 4614, The Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act of 2016.  The RA is an advanced-level radiographer who assists; but, does not replace the radiologist. Today, 30 states license or otherwise recognize RAs. This bipartisan legislation was introduced by representatives: Pete Olson (R-TX), Dave Reichert (R-WA), Michael Doyle (D-PA) and Bill Pascrell (D-NJ). I urge every TSRT member to take a moment and contact our representatives in support of the H.R. 4614.

Just as a reminder, The 2016 ASRT Educational Symposium is scheduled for Thursday, June 23 in Las Vegas. The Educational Symposium is a one-day educational conference for medical imaging technologists, radiation therapy professionals, and students. Computed tomography, general interest, management, education, and women’s imaging are popular CE credits offered during the conference.

The 2016 Annual Governance and House of Delegates Meeting follow the Symposium on Friday, June 24th-Sunday, June 26th. I encourage TSRT members to attend the ASRT Educational Symposium Attendance and House of Delegates Meeting and to take advantage of the opportunity to hear the latest information on ASRT Bylaws, position statements and practice standards affecting our profession. The Texas Delegates for 2016 Annual Governance and House of Delegates Meeting are Tiffani Walker and Jesse Pennington.

Respectfully yours,

Jesse Pennington, M.S.A.H. R.T., (R)(CT)(ARRT)

2016-2017 TSRT President Elect

Vice President Report – Hazel Bourne

Rules are being reviewed for Student Events to be held at TSRT 2017.  Be on the lookout for posting of Competition Rules and Applications on the TSRT website later this summer.  If you have any recommendation regarding these events, please send an email to tsrt@runbox.com

Area Counselor Reports

Northeast – North Texas Radiologic Technologist Society

Northwest- No Active Societies

Southeast – No Active Societies

Southwest – No Active Societies


Executive Office Report – Lisa Ganus

TSRT has issued 2420 membership identification numbers to licensed medical radiologic technologist in Texas.  Of this number, 1825 are currently expired.  Therefore, TSRT has 595 active members. (5.1.2016)

Editor Notes

The articles in this publication are not copy righted; if any good is found we would like to share it.  Tex-Rays are published three/four times a year.  The opinions are those of the author and in no way reflect the opinion or the policy of the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologist, Inc.  The initials “RT” imply certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist.  Tex-Rays is available for downloading and printing from the TSRT website at www.tsrt.info


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