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The TSRT Board will consist of four (4) members.  The Board Chair shall be in charge of all TSRT Elections.
  1. Elections will be held every year.  The election will be for the Vice President position.  This person will serve for four (4) years in a move up term
  2. The rotational term will be as follows: Vice President, President Elect, President, Board Chair.
  3. The Board Chair will communicate to the entire membership, by whatever means necessary, a nominating window to submit names of individuals to run for this position.  All nominees must be a member in good standing and currently reside in Texas.
  4. Names will be collected by the Nominating Committee Members.  They will submit all names to the Board Chair for review and verification.
  5. The Board Chair will be responsible for all verification and notification of candidates.
  6. The Board Chair will submit names of all nominees to the Board of Directors at the Fall Board Meeting.
  7. The Board Chair shall disburse electronic ballots to each member in the TSRT Database with a 30 day window to submit completed ballots.
  8. Ballots will be sent to the Board Chair and Nominating Committee Members as needed to tabulate the election results.

Election Verification Procedures

  1. The TSRT Board Chair will accumulate and verify results.  They will contact members of the Nominating Committee as needed to help with the tally and sending of results to the TSRT Board of Directors and filing in the Executive Office.
  2. The TSRT Board Chair will send the results to the TSRT President and contact each candidate with the results.
  3. The TSRT Board Chair will contact the winner and verify that he/she is willing to accept the position.  Once the winner accepts, the Chair notifies the other candidates.
  4. New Board Member will take their place on the Board of Directors at the Business Session at the Annual Meeting.

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