TSRT 2017 Board Meetings and Conference Call Minutes

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TSRT Summer Board Meeting Agenda

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lone Star College - Montgomery

3200 College Park Dr.  (FM242) Conroe, Texas 77384

Contact Brian Rich –  832-797-4801


If you are attending the meeting in person, you will need to use the West Campus Drive entrance.  It is on the right just after the entrance to the University Center and Sam Houston state entrance.  It is Building B on the west side.  It will be the atrium entrance.  This is the same entrance we used for those that attend the Annual Meeting held at Lone Star.


The Meeting will start at 10:00 AM.



  1. Call to Order – 10 JUN 2017 @ 10:24AM


  2. Roll Call

    1. Brian Rich, Board Chairman

    2. Jesse Pennington, President

    3. Hazel Bourne, Vice President

    4. Brandon A. Smith, Vice President

    5. Margaret Bishop – Central Area Counselor

    6. Jose Rodriguez – West Area Counselor (Teleconferenced)

    7. Gloria Clemmons – Northwest Area Counselor

    8. Ed Garcia – ODM Member

    9. Brandon Green – ODM Chair

    10. Jennifer Otrezov – Student Intern

    11. Mikayla Dunlap – Student Intern

    12. Caleb Fortune – Legislative Committee


  3. Consider and Approve Consent of Agenda

    1. Moved to approved the Agenda – Brian Rich, Board Chairman

    2. Seconded by Margaret Bishop, Central Area Counselor


  4. eReports, Discussion and Information from Officers and EOM


  5. Vice President, Brandon A. Smith


    1. Educational Program/ Administrator Letters

      1. CE Providers

    2. OPPers Initiative

    3. Student/Academic Affairs

    4. Mentor, Hazel Bourne, President-Elect


  6. President Elect, Hazel Bourne

    1. Interactions/Mentoring with Vice President

    2. Communications and engaging in activities


  7. President, Jesse Pennington

    1. HOD Meetings upcoming

      1. Preparing and submitting paperwork


    2. Annual Meeting

      1. Galveston College (possible location)

      2. Desire to go to (San Antonio)

      3. Agreed dates of April 5th-7th


    3. TMB Updates

      1. Statement issued

      2. July General Counsel Meeting w/ TMB/RT Appointed Board

      3. October (potentially) Stakeholders’ Meeting


  8. Board Chair, Brian Rich

    1. Please see submitted report.


  9. Executive Office Manager

    1. Please see submitted report.


  10. eReports, Discussion and Information from Committee Chairs

    1. Annual Meeting

      1. Reported: Expenses, Analysis to Past Years, Metrics

      2. 2018 Meeting

        1. Rotational Schedule Suggestions

          1. Four (4) primary locations

          2. One (1) featured location (non-rotational selection)

      3. Considerations: Houston, San Antonio, Galveston, recent sites to be considered.

    2. Area Counselors

      1. West Area Report Delivered

      2. Northwest Area Report Delivered

      3. South Central Area Report Delivered

    3. Budget and Bylaws

      1. Proposed to maintain the same budget – Brian Rich, Board Meeting

    4. CERTT

    5. Educational Alliance

      1. Interested in Cassandra Haskins/Agreement to her being Educational Alliance Chair again

      2. Merging with the Student Affairs Committee

    6. Election/Nominations

      1. Vice President Nominations – Brian Rich, Board Member

    7. Grants/Scholarships

    8. Honor/Awards

    9. Legislative

      1. May 27 – Physicians not required to maintain

      2. Sunset Committee Update

      3. Texas Legislative Sessions update

      4. Consideration/Acknowledgement of ARRT Lobbyist support? Gift or some type of payment for his work for us as a courtesy

    10. ODM

      1. Refer a Friend Project

      2. TSRT Website

        1. Linked sites (info-tripod)

        2. Credit card encryption – not secure

        3. Getbettersearchresultsengine.com

        4. Resolutions

          1. Fix current site

          2. TXSRT.org

            1. Establish meeting time w/ IT Designer          

    11. OPPers

    12. Student Affairs

    13. Technology


  11. Action Items of Old and New Business

    1. Charter Agreement – October 30th due

    2. Election Report

    3. Election Report to include w/ upcoming annual meeting


  12. Adjournment

    1. Motion to adjourn – Brian Rich, Board Chair

    2. Seconded by Brandon Smith, Vice President