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First Place          $100.00 Cash Award

Second Place     $ 75.00 Cash Award

Third Place        $  50.00 Cash Award



All TSRT students registered for the meeting may participate in the T-Shirt Contest. This will be held immediately preceding the Student Bee. Each program will select two student members from their program to present their school’s T-Shirt to a panel of judges. Each judge will evaluate the T-Shirt using the TSRT T-Shirt rubric.


Rules for T-Shirt Contest

  • Two students from each program will present their T-shirt.
  • T-shirt must be presented in two minutes or less (presentations over two minutes will be disqualified).



  • A panel of 3-4 judges will be selected by the Chairman of Student Affairs Committee.
  • Judges will use the approved scoring grid.
  • Scores will be tallied and then averaged. 
  • The program with the highest score will be declared the winner.
  • The winning program will be announced during the awards ceremony with a certificate and cash award.




Program_____________________________________    Date ________



Program Director __________________________________________


Total Score________




5 Points


4 Points


3 Points

Below Average

2 Points

Point Score

Contrasting Colors and Pattern

5 Pts: excellent use of color and pattern.

4 Pts: good use of color and pattern.

3 Pts: fair use of color and pattern.

2 Pts: below average use of color and pattern.


Lettering Clarity and Relevance

5 Pts: excellent lettering clarity and relevance.

4 Pts: good lettering clarity and relevance.

3 Pts: average lettering clarity and relevance.

2 Pts: lettering clarity and relevance needed refinement.



5 Pts: very creative and attractive logo.

4 Pts: logo is decipherable.

3 Pts: logo is too small or is otherwise undecipherable.

2 Pts: logo is missing.


Design Creativity

5 Pts: excellent design, creativity, and layout.

4 Pts: good design creativity; attractive, neat layout.

3 Pts: average design; may have been a little disorganized and/or lacked creativity.

2 Pts: design is distractingly
cluttered and/or devoid of creativity.


Presentation: Enthusiasm, Vocalization, Eye Contact, and Body Language

5 Pts: excellent presentation

4 Pts: good presentation

3 Pts: average presentation

2 Pts: below average presentation.


Overall Attractiveness

5 Pts: very attractive...I'd wear it!

4 Pts: attractive.

3 Pts: fairly attractive.

2 Pts: not attractive