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2018-2019 TSRT Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
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Retention Policy
It is the policy of the TSRT to comply with state and federal law regarding the retention of records and documents.  The retention of those records that are not governed by State or Federal law should be retained for as long as there is an anticipated business need for such documents.  The TSRT Board Chair will be responsible of all record retention matters.
Listed below is the "Recommended Retention Periods for TSRT Records".  This should be used as a reference in detemining the recommended retention periods for various documents.  Destruction of records in a time frame shorter than the recommended guidelines should first be cleared by the TSRT Board Chair or legal counsel of the ASRT.  Special consideration should be given to all records and policies monitored by the board.  All documents of a confidential or proprietary nature should be destroyed by the shredding method.



Retention Period

Executive Office

Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Guidebook, Standing Rules, Code of Conduct, Operating Procedures

Official corporation records and documents of TSRT.  These documents are the responsibility of the TSRT Board Chair.  The Budget and Bylaw Committee works with the TSRT Board Chair for proposed changes.


Executive Office

IRS/Audit Reports
1.CPA Filings
2.Outside Audit Reports
3.Submission to ASRT per Affiliate Charter Compliance
4.Bank Statements
5.Merchant Service Statements
8.Check Images
9.Annual Meeting Invoices

7 years

Executive Office

Meeting Minutes and Officer Reports

Each officer and committee chair are required to submit into the Executive Office a report for filing.  Notation will be made in minutes if report has not been submitted.  Approval of minutes will be done after reports have been received.  Officer has 30 days to submit post meeting.

5 years

Executive Office

Business Correspondence/Emails

Official correspondence from TSRT should come from their email account.  Board and officers are required to send a copy of the electronic communication to the TSRT Executive Office if they use their personal email.  Each officer and committee chair have an electronic file folder.

1 year

Executive Office

Employee records

Contracts, evaluation, job description, salary are all managed by the TSRT Board Chair.  All documents are filed in the TSRT Executive Office Manager Notebook.

5 years after termination of employment