Affiliate Subordinate Requirements & Form

2018-2019 TSRT Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
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TSRT Affiliate Subordinates
TSRT Affiliate Subordinates must submit the following to the TSRT Executive Office by June 30 of each year:
  1. Annual budget and financial statements including income statement and balance sheet
  2. Affiliate Subordinate bylaws in agreement with the ASRT and TSRT bylaws.  ASRT and TSRT will edit them for you if you provide them electronically
  3. Articles of incorporation.  If not incorporated, please advise the TSRT of the stage of incorporation you are in
  4. Verification that affiliate subordinate officers are ASRT and TSRT members.  Provide a list of their names, positions they hold and membership numbers
  5. Charter renewals will be renewed each year.  Deadline date for submission is June 30
  6. Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual meeting information should be that include the dates and locations of the events hosted by the affiliate
  7. Officers names and contact information should be updated each year.  It is also helpful if your provide TSRT with contact information for your legislative liaison, publication editor, affiliate leaders and bylaw chairman
  8. Affilate Subordinate Renewal Charter Fee ($160.00)

TSRT Affiliate Subordinate Compliance Validation Form

We hereby attest that the following information provided is correct and current.  We understand as officers of an active affiliate subordinate of TSRT that our society mby be subject to random audits as part of the affiliate subordinates compliance process.

We understand that TSRT is required to collect the following documents from us.  Failure to provide TSRT with compliance documentation can result in probation for our society.  Non compliance can also result in TSRT being placed on probation with the ASRT. 

Listed below are the documents that have been submitted to TSRT for review and approval:

  1. Proof of current, active incorporation in good standing
  2. Proof of current Employer Identification Number from the IRS
  3. Proof of current filing of appropriate tax returns with the IRS
  4. Electronic copy of the current bylaws
  5. Reports of yearly meetings
  6. Reports of financial information
  7. Officer contact information and proof they are members of the ASRT and TSRT
  8. Affiliate Subordinater Charter Renewal Fee ($160.00)

Complete the online form to start your compliance validation.

Name of Affiliate Subordinate
Date of Election
Total Number of Members
President Name
President Email
President Phone Number
President ASRT Number
Presidents TSRT Number
President Elect Name
President Elect Email
President Elect Phone Number
President Elect ASRT Number
President Elect TSRT Number
Vice President Name
Vice President Email
Vice President Phone Number
Vice President ASRT Number
Vice President TSRT Number
Secretary Name
Secretary Email
Secretary Phone Number
Secretary ASRT Number
Secretary TSRT Number
Treasurer Name
Treasurer Email
Treasurer Phone Number
Treasurer ASRT Number
Treasurer TSRT Number
Board Chair Name
Board Chair Email
Board Chair Phone Number
Board Chair ASRT Number
Board Chair TSRT Number
Board Member Name
Board Member Email
Board Member Phone Number
Board Member ASRT Number
Board Member TSRT Number
Full Name of Subordinate
Subordinate's Acronym
Web Site Address
How many meetings do you host?
What is the average number of attendees at a function?
Web Site Contact Name
Web Site Contact Email
Web Site Contact Phone Number
Web Site Contact ASRT Number
Web Site Contact TSRT Number
Legislative Chair Name
Legislative Chair Email
Legislative Chair Phone Number
Legislative Chair ASRT Number
Legislative Chair TSRT Number
CE Coordinator Name
CE Coordinator Email
CE Coordinator Phone Number
CE Coordinator ASRT Number
CE Coordinator TSRT Number
Proof of Incorporation Mailed
Proof of EIN Mailed
Proof of Tax Return Mailed
Copy of Bylaws Mailed
Reports of Financial Records Mailed
Affiliate SubordinateRenewal Charter Fee Mailed ($160)