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Posted 5.23.17

RE: Texas Medical Board’s Continued Education Rule Change


Dear Membership,


Recently the Texas Medical Board (TMB) drafted rule changes for continued education (CE). In short, the TMB increased the number of live, instructor directed CE activities from 3 hours to 12. The TMB stated they were aware the changes might affect licensees currently in the renewal process; therefore, the TMB management were reviewing the changes to determine if a grace period would be given. The TMB has asked technologists not to worry and to continue monitoring the TMB website for future updates. The TMB’s website is located at: http://www.tmb.state.tx.us/page/resources-ce-for-GMRT


Asking technologists not to worry did little to relieve the stress and anxiety immediately felt by numerous technologists throughout Texas. Additionally, the details outlining the numerous rule changes posted on the TMB’s website lacked clarity, which caused further worry and concerns. The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists (TSRT) quickly became aware of the CE rule changes and the resulting concerns voiced by the TSRT membership and other technologists throughout Texas.


After the TMB’s CE changes were made public, the TSRT Board of Directors immediately began communicating with the TMB Management by e-mail and telephone to obtain information for common questions from our membership and technologists statewide to provide professional counsel. While the TSRT does not dictate TMB policy, the TSRT remained in continual communication with the TMB to communicate the concerns of the TSRT membership. Throughout the day, the TSRT Board continued their hourly communication with the TMB to obtain further details and information, and to provide greatly needed input from our membership and other technologists throughout the state. Simultaneously, the TSRT Board began the process of drafting a letter to keep the TSRT membership informed of the minute to minute situation. 


The letter to the TSRT membership was ready to be sent out yesterday evening at 5:00 PM; however, the letter was placed on hold and revised, because the TMB put out another statement. As a direct result of communication vigilance and responsiveness from the TSRT Board and our membership, the TMB decided to revert back to the original CE requirements rules from last year, pending review with the TMB General Counsel and the Texas Board of Medical Radiologic Technology. Technologists will only need 3 live, instructor directed CE activities out of 24 credits every two years as in the past for now. In the future, the TSRT believes the TMB will eventually require 12 instructor directed CE activities; therefore, the TSRT Board will be actively monitoring all licensure changes and ask our membership to continue checking the TMB website for future updates.


In summary, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) and the TSRT supports state licensure for medical imaging. State licensure greatly needed because protects patients from substandard care and protects technologists jobs; by making sure only highly skilled professionals, educated in radiation protection, radiation physics, patient positioning, equipment protocol and much more are the ones employed by diagnostic medical imaging centers. As mentioned previously, the TSRT does not generate state licensure policy; however, we do advocate for our membership and other technologists statewide, to make sure our voice is heard.


In the future, the TSRT will remain proactive to licensure changes and challenges to steer positive changes and added-value to state and national legislation for patients and our membership.  Both the ASRT and the TSRT will continue working for you to protect our patients and strengthening our profession. More challenges are headed our way; but, with your support and collaboration, we will address them head-on.


Now more than ever before, with all the legislative changes and those yet come, it is a critical and important to be a member of the TSRT. Together we can REVIVE the technologist coalition in Texas!




Mr. Jesse D. Pennington, M.S.A.H., R.T. (R) (C.T.) (A.R.R.T.)

President, Texas Society of Radiologic Technologist


Posted 04.13.2017

TSRT Membership:

The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists is a wonderful organization for many reasons; but, the primary reason is because of people making up our organization. A few months ago this past year’s Board Chair, Mrs. Tiffani Walker participated in the ASRT Foundation’s Rad-Aid International Community Outreach Project. Tiffany was quoted in the ASRT’s Radiologic Technology Journal (November / December 2016). Tiffani said, “…no matter how large the world seems, we are always brought together by the people in it.”

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with this past years Board Members: Outgoing Board Chair, Mrs. Tiffani Walker has served the board for four years and has done a fantastic job each year. Our new Board Chair, Mr. Brian Rich served as president this past year and did an outstanding job, Brian is one of the hardest working and most dedicated technologists I have ever met. Our new President Elect, Mrs. Hazel Bourne did a wonderful job as our Vice President and we are blessed to have her life long experience on the board. The board also welcomes our new Vice President, Mr. Brandon Smith. I also want to recognize our Executive Office Manager, Mrs. Lisa Ganus. Lisa does a tremendous job, year in and year out, and we greatly appreciate her contributions and guidance. We can all take inspiration from their leadership, commitment, and passion for the advancement of the TSRT.

 The TSRT membership needs to grow. We need new volunteers to step forward and become strong advocates for our profession and this society. It has been said that the best things in life are proportionate to the discipline required to obtain them. Growing our membership will take effort and time; however, the rewards for our society and our profession are absolutely worth the effort. As president I will continue to give my best to our society. My request of the membership is to continue to work with me as a team, so we can share in all of TSRT’s future success together.


Mr. Jesse D. Pennington, M.S.A.H., R.T. (R) (CT) (ARRT)

President of TSRT 2017-2018