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Summer/Fall Edition

Volume 1, Number 1


In This Issue

·    TSRT Board Chair Report

·    Message From The President

·    President Elect Report

·    First Vice President Report

·    Second Vice President Report

·    Third Vice President Report

·    Legislative Committee Report

·    ODM Committee Report

·    Executive Office Report

·    Editor Notes

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Welcome to the TSRT 2008 Summer/Fall Tex-Rays!

This electronic mail out is a free service provided to members by the TSRT Board and Officers.  It is published through the TSRT Executive Office.  The goal is to provide valuable information to our membership.  Your input regarding topics, questions and policies is encouraged.  If you have comments, please contact us at tsrt@runbox.com.

TSRT Board Chair Report-Stephanie Johnston, BCH RT (R) (M) (BS)

Our annual conference was a success.  We had a wonderful turn out and the weather was beautiful.  It is always nice to gather and see familiar faces and catch up on what’s going on in our profession.  Of course, sitting through the presentations and learning something new is always enjoyable, too.  The student sections were full and there was plenty for them to do.  We had many wonderful comments and suggestions.


Although 2008 is a non-legislative year, we have to keep those legislative issues burning.  Cedric’s trip to RT in DC helped rekindle the need to get the CARE bill passed.  The changes that can come about with the passage of the CARE legislation will make a significant impact on the imaging profession in Texas.  It is important to contact both the U.S. senators and representatives.  There is a version of the bill in both branches.  For information on the bills, please check www.tsrt.info. Or www.asrt.org.  Your support is needed to get this legislation passed.


And lastly, TSRT needs members.  We cannot continue without membership support.  There are almost 20,000 technologist is Texas.  The Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists is the professional society of this state.  We are the Texas affiliate society of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.  We must gather the professionals that we work with and band together for the common cause of our profession.  We have to get this legislation passed.  This board cannot accomplish anything legislatively and represent 2000 technologist.  We need to represent 20,000.  Ask your co-workers if they are members, if not give them an application.  Get the word out.  We have to unite.  We CARE in Texas!  If we don’t, no one else will.


We have much to celebrate on the legislative side as well.  Texas has three co-sponsors!  Currently there are three representatives signed on to the CARE bill HR 583, Rep. Charles Gonzales, Rep. Kenny Marchant, and Rep. Pete Sessions.  In our emails, we should thank them for their support.  But remember, we still have a long way to go.


The senate bill (S1042) has passed the Senate Health, Energy, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee.  We should now focus on the senate Finance Committee.  There are no Texas senators on that committee.  Currently, neither Texas senator has signed on as a cosponsor.  So, we as TSRT members need to contact our senators and ask them to cosponsor the bill.


The house bill (HR 583) has been forwarded to the House Energy & Commerce Committee and the Subcommittee on Health (which has jurisdiction over the bill).  The Texas representatives involved on that committee are Rep. Gene Green, Rep. Ralph Hall, Rep. Michael Burgess, and Rep. Charles Gonzales (already a cosponsor).  TSRT members need to concentrate contacts on these representatives and ask for support for HR 583.


We still have a lot of work to do so keep up the correspondence and pressure.  Keep in mind that we are the ones that care about our profession.  We CARE in Texas!


Summer Board Report:

1.       Shortly after annual conference, I received recommended changes to TSRT documents from the parliamentarian, Martha Bardin.  Some of those changes could be made to the Bylaws without membership approval and were.  The remainder will be brought to the board for consideration.  All changes to the Standing Rules and Guidebook were made and forwarded to the board.

2.      I submitted a report for publication in the summer edition of Tex-Rays.

3.      After approving the April email document for president, Cedric, I sent out legislative update for approval for the legislative portion of the website to make the information current.

4.      I have sent out two reports through the Runbox to the membership regarding the CARE Bill, needed memberships, and/or renewals and general information.  I also checked the Runbox regularly for my emails.

5.      I voted on the software upgrade for the office.

6.      I received the May monthly executive office update and responded with some questions regarding the Radisson Hill Country agreement.

7.      I responded to other board members regarding issue like recognition at MDACC, lecture notes for the website, continuing education advertising, and website information including changes to Delegate Reports.

8.      I responded to the call to vote on the Radisson agreement by the indicated deadline.

9.      I have sent emails to legislators concentrating on those specified by ASRT and needing the most contact.

10.  I have been in contact with ASRT several times regarding issues for TSRT and staying on top of the CARE bill progress and then I forwarded additional information to update the website.

11.  I attended the ASRT Annual Conference as the alternate Texas Affiliate Delegate. 

 Message from the President – Cedric Jolivet

Celebrate being an RT in Texas!


TSRT is having a membership drive.  According to the latest Medical Radiologic Technologist roster on-line, Texas has over 19,000 certified medical RT’s working in the radiologic sciences.  TSRT only has a membership of 1200.  We are not representing even 1% of the active working radiologic professionals in Texas.  We can do better as imaging professionals?


We need to get all Texas technologists motivated.  Everyone is concerned over the legislative efforts at the state and national level.  Legislatively, we are under sunset review in Texas and the ASRT is moving forward with The CARE Bill.  We need to be backing all efforts.  Technologist, sonographers, and therapist care about who can perform radiographic and imaging procedures at the state and national level for the protection of our families and the general public.


Membership letter and application are available on-line at TSRT.INFO for you to share with your co-workers and friends.


Summer Board Report:

1.        I have communicated via email some operational issues with TSRT.  Mostly concerning the financial status post annual meeting.  The organization has had to make some quick decisions concerning next year’s annual meeting location.

2.      The decision to proceed with next year’s annual meeting at San Antonio Radisson Hotel-Hill Country was agreed via email vote of the board members.

3.      The prior annual meeting at South Padre Island Radisson Resort still has a bill due and the board will need to make a decision on how to close out this bill with the organizations low funding.

4.      I have communicated with past presidents on the state of our lobbyist.  Currently he is not in communication with the organization or TSRT legislative committee members.  It is the thought of the past presidents that we review the contract of the employment carefully and proceed with ASRT efforts for the passing of the federal CARE Bill.  The expensive of legislation in Texas will be costly for the organization to proceed with at this time.  It was recommended I contact Chris Lung at ASRT to see TSRT options for state legislation.

5.      The local (Houston) affiliates have communicated with me on their support of the organization and wish to maintain the currently close relationship with focus on the CARE Bill and increasing TSRT membership.

6.      I have communicated with board members on how we can increase TSRT membership and feel we should move forward quickly with some fundraising or membership drive ASAP.



President Elect Report – Charles Washington, MBA, RT (T), FASRT

Summer Board Report:

1.       Several points of communication with Evelyn Walston were made regarding status and activities of SWIC and HARTS local societies.  Discussed and counseled her on several occasions.  After initial triage, handed off to Sandra Hayden for further follow-up.

2.      Provide TSRT update after two providing local lectures were provided for Evelyn Walston and Melanie Hail.  Part of the update included a call for technologists to join TSRT.

3.      There were no Grants Committee activities since the Annual Meeting.

4.      Participated and reviewed all email correspondence received since Annual Meeting.

5.      Reviewed current committee appointments already in place prior to my installation as President-elect.  I need further clarification on filling three open spots on the Legislative committee:  need representatives from San Antonio, West and East Texas areas to complete committee makeup.

6.      In process of securing a nominating committee to facilitate elections.  Will discuss particular points at the Summer Board Meeting.  No nominations have been collected to date.

7.      I fully attended the ASRT Annual Conference as the Texas Affiliate Delegate.  Delegate report is pending.


First Vice President Report – Sandra Hayden

Summer Board Report:

1.       I have had the pleasure of getting acquainted with the duties of my office.

2.      I communicated with several of the SWIC affiliate Board members as well as BAMIS affiliate.  There were several conflicts amongst the group.  Hence, I attended the June 19, 2008 SWIC Board meeting.  The major concern was the advertised July 26, 2008 seminar.  The seminar coordinator decided to move the venue to the newly revived HARTS affiliate due the internal struggles.  It was resolved at the meeting that the SWIC members will be allowed to attend the July 26, 2008 seminar at no charge.  In exchange for this the SWIC will contribute to the speaker fees.

3.      I gave the SWIC President another copy of the TSRT Affiliate Renewal forms and urged them to please complete.

4.      I gave the attendees an update and brief report on the ASRT HOD as well as the TSRT.

5.      They were urged to please help with our TSRT membership drive.

6.      Members in attendance were: Patricia Cline, Treasurer, Edith Strybos, Board Member, Rosheena Jones, VP, Sonja Mace-Holm, Board Member, President-Elect, Evelyn Walston, Seminar Coordinator, and Charlotte Robertson, President.


Second Vice President Report – Lois Lehman, RT (R) (CT)

I am much honored to be your TSRT 2nd Vice President.  I have been to several affiliate and CE seminars in the last few months and I enjoy meeting our Texas educators and students.


My first goal as 2nd VP was to gather as many email addresses of educators and lead students from Texas and neighboring states.  With this information, I plan to send quarterly reports directly to the educators and students about plans for the 2009 TSRT Annual Meeting.  The email system will also allow educators and student to ask me questions in return. So, if you are an educator and student and you want to be a part of the communiqué, please send me your email address to tsrt@runbox.com.


Currently, I am reviewing all student activities from the 2008 TSRT Annual Meeting.  What I heard from students, who were at South Padre, was that they had a BLAST!  Many thanks go to Janine Johnston, RT, previous TSRT 2nd VP, for her great preparation of all the student events.  The activity that amazed me was watching the new Student Bee prepared by Christy Carter, RT, an educator from Dallas Brookhaven CC.  Congratulations go to 1st place winner Joanna Slover (Lone Star College) for answering those very tough Radiologic Science questions.


More impressive first place winners were Matthew Boyd, Lynsey Fitzpatrick, Farah Rahman, and Nicole Vera (Citizens Medical Center) with their Scientific Display.  Sameera Quaid in the Leadership Competition, and Jayson Ratliff in the Award of Merit Competition.  Plus, there were many more winners in our Roentgen Rally beach competition.


Close to 200 students attended the 2008 Annual Meeting.  Our next 2009 TSRT Annual Meeting will be in San Antonio (see tsrt.info for more information).  Soon I should be distributing the Rules and Student Applications to participate in the 2009 Scientific Display, Leadership Competition (a lecture presentation), and the Award of Merit Competition (a written competition).  Be ready, as most applications must be returned to TSRT during January of 2009.


In South Padre, educators met with JCCERT staff, TSRT officers, and with fellow educators.  It is wonderful to hear from this dedicated group. I do have one plea to educators for the next 2009 Annual Meeting.  Could you help us by “signing off” students at the end of each student event?  If you could donate one hour during one student event during the 2009 Annual Meeting, we would be quicker in signing off the 200 students.


See ya in San Antonio and join TSRT NOW!!!



Summer Board Report:

1.       My first goal was to collect emails of as many educators and lead Radiologic Science students as possible.  As of today, I have 118 e-mail addresses of educators throughout Texas and neighboring states.

2.      After the 2008 Annual Meeting, I sent an email to these educators introducing myself and explaining my duties as 2nd Vice President.  I asked these educators if they would share email addresses of their fellow educators.  I did receive several more.  I also asked for email addresses of lead students, but I did not receive any.  I asked for input about the 2008 convention.  The main concern I heard was could student speaker’s outlines be placed on the TSRT .info website.  After many emails between TSRT officers, the answer was no.

3.      I am preparing a second email to the educators concerning the update of the rules about the Scientific Display event.  The new update was sent to TSRT Board and Officers for comments/approval.  Once the final draft is ready, I will send it to the educators.  Other emails to educators will be sent (after board approval) throughout the year to keep communication open.

4.      2009 Annual Meeting – Can lectures for Student Track be approved for CE points?  Many RTs/educators saw some of topics on Student Track and would have liked to receive CE credits if they attended the lecture.  I am asking for an affirmative/yes vote.  I will be seeking cash from vendors for sponsorship of the Student activities.  Educators have asked if there is a way to save or get outlines of Student Track presentations.  I may ask speakers on Student Track to send me their outlines, save them on my computer, and email them to those educators who ask.  I will continue to review all rules/reg of all student activities for the 2009 Annual Meeting.  Janeen Johnston, BSRT has agreed to help and be Education Alliance Chair.

5.      I will continue to attend seminars in the DFW area to encourage membership in TSRT.


Third Vice President Report – Diana Mathai, MSRS, RT (R)

Summer Board Report:

Our Annual Meeting was a terrific experience for all who attended!  The classes were presented by knowledgeable and motivated professionals, the student activities were educational and fun, and the location was perfect!  Since then, we have had a whirlwind of activity.

1.       Immediately following the annual meeting in South Padre, the website was updated to reflect the student winners in each activity.

2.      TSRT Board meeting dates are posted on the website.

3.      At the recommendation of the TSRT Board, the mission statement has been moved to the Home page of the website.

4.      The contact information for all Board members has been changed to reflect the tsrt@runbox accounts

5.      The annual meeting section has been updated with as much information as possible regarding the 2009 meeting dates and location

6.      The Calendar of Events section has been updated with CE activities

7.      The Standing Rules, Bylaws, and Guidebook have been updated and new links provided for each

8.      The ASRT Delegate Information has been update and revised as instructed by the Board Chair

9.      I voted to upgrade the software for the TSRT office

10.  A speaker outline from the 2008 annual meeting has been posted under Student Activities on the website-“How to Talk to Kids”

11.  I have posted the ASRT Delegate Report and Report Summary as provided by the Board Chair

12.  The Technologist Hall of Fame has been revised to reflect the inclusion of Edna Elliott’s name, and a short introduction/biography has been provided

13.  All CARE Bill updates have been posted as provided by the President

14.  I posted the Board Chair’s report the summer edition of TexRays

15.  I updated the legislative portion of the website with information provided by the President and Board Chair.


Legislative Committee Report – Cedric Jolivet, RT(R)

Texas: The question on the table is “What does Sunset Review mean for Radiologic Technologists in Texas?”  All state laws, bills, programs, and agencies are reviewed over time.  This is called Sunset Review.  There is no threat of loss.  Texas Legislation just reviews for possible updates.  TSRT wants to be in a good position with the number of technologist represented when questioned about the position and operations of the state technologists licensure.


National:  Urgent Notice to RTs in Texas

With continued encroachment by others on the Radiologic Technology profession and our ongoing effort to advance the profession, what can you do?


Contact Congress NOW.  The 110th Congress closes at the end of 2008, but it’s not too late to contact your Representative and Senators and ask for their support for the Consistency, Accuracy, Responsibility and Excellence (CARE) in Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy bill.  The Medicare bill, H.R. 6331, passed in July included a section that would establish standards for personnel who perform CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and PET procedures.  Unfortunately, this bill did not go far enough and excluded x-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and radiation therapy – it’s estimated that least 70% of medical imaging and radiation therapy procedures come from these modalities, so it is crucial we do not give up on our mission to get the CARE bill enacted.  But, we need your help.  The ASRT e-Advocacy is the best way to contact your representatives in Congress.  Through the ASRT e-Advocacy site your message will get through to the Congressional offices.  Just visit the ASRT e-Advocate site to write a letter… it’s simple and quick!  AND… Join the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists (TSRT).  Network with hundreds of technologists by joining fellow RTs and Texans who share a common mission and purpose.  When you join the TSRT you can be a part of this dynamic group of professionals.  Membership in the TSRT allows you to unite with fellow colleagues where important grass-roots and educational activities take place and where future leaders are mentored.  Through the TSRT you and other RTs who share your views can come together as a united voice.  The 2009 TSRT Annual Meeting will be in San Antonio, but why wait?  Contact the TSRT and join now!


Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists

TSRT Web-site: www.tsrt.info

TSRT Email:  tsrt@runbox.com

TSRT Address: 806 Woodlawn, Kilgore, TX 75662

TSRT Phone:877-986-8818

TSRT Fax:877-986-8489

President:  Cedric Joliet, RT(R)


For more information on how you can make a difference in your profession visit the ASRT Web-site or email the ASRT Government Relations Department at governmentrelations@asrt.org


U.S. Senate:  www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

U.S. House of Representatives: www.house.gov


S. 1042 (Bill number)

Senators to contact:  Kay Bailey-Hutchison (R-TX) and John Corny (R-TX)


H.R. 583 (Bill number)

Representatives to contact:  Member of House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Subcommittee on Health

Gene Green (D-TX-29), Ralph Hall (R-TX-4), Michael Burgess (R-TX-26), and Charles Gonzalez (D-TX-20)


ODM Committee Report- Lisa Ganus, AAS RT(R) (M)

New Year, New Opportunities Membership Campaign -  TSRT has started a new fiscal year, therefore, this is a great time to recruit new members.  As students are refreshed and technologists are resolved to be more involved in their profession, TSRT is running their fall membership campaign. 


We need members for legislative matters.  We have to have numbers on the books when we speak on behalf of technologists in Texas.  Membership is everyone’s business, especially if you weave membership into local, state, and national activities.  Elevate the importance of membership recruitment and watch your TSRT grow.  More TSRT members means more funds, more volunteers, and more support for your TSRT.  With these, we can offer more services for technologist and students, provide more resources to the affiliates, and be a more powerful voice for all in Austin.  It is not too late to make a real impact this year.  Make the New Year a new opportunity to grow.  The New Year brings new opportunities to improve ourselves, our lives, and the TSRT.

Executive Office Report- Lisa Ganus, AAS RT(R) (M)

Summer Board Report: 

1.       Office updates have been forwarded to the president via phone calls and emails.

2.      2008 Annual Meeting Minutes will be forwarded to the review committee.  Once the committee has responded and approved, the approved minutes will be forwarded to the board for review and set to the Third Vice-President for posting on the website.

3.      Each officer has a folder in the runbox email.  All incoming mail that needs specific attention by an officer is placed into that officer’s folder.  Please take the time each week to review your folder.  Please do not clear out the sent, spam, or trash folders.  The Executive Office clears them on monthly bases after the office report is sent to the president.

4.      The total number of Membership ID Numbers on file is 2278.  The total number of Expired Memberships as of July 1 is 1210.  The total number of voting members is 1068.  The July Membership Drive was forwarded to the TSRT Membership via Runbox Address.  Emails regarding membership issues have been forwarded to the TSRT President Folder for response.

5.      How is TSRT going to do the Officer Election this year?  We have discussed an electronic process for the past two years.  What are the research results of the Third Vice President’s Office?  Election ballot envelopes need to be ordered and stuffed if we are going to continue with the current process.  At this board meeting, we need to decide if we are going to continue the election process in this manner or go electronically.

6.      There have been 5 Affiliate Charter Renewals Contact Forms received into the Executive Office.  All 13 Affiliates have been mailed the Affiliate Charter Renewal Contracts.  The Deadline for these to be returned into the office is September 1, 2008.  All 5 of the Affiliate Charters received had incomplete information.  All were returned to the Affiliate Presidents requesting the additional information.  All 5 Affiliates Information has been updated on the website.  Affiliates out of compliance have been removed from the website.  Has this board recognized or reinstated affiliates status to HARTS?

7.      The Board Chair needs to submit the approved 2008 TSRT Guidebook, Bylaws, and Standing Rules into the Executive Office for filing and email the updated document to the Third Vice President for posting on the website.  Bylaw section needs to be updated to reflect the amended bylaws at the 2008 Annual Meeting.  I would encourage all officers to do their review and submit changes to the Guidebook to the Board Chair by the Fall Board Meeting.  Changes need to be completed to this document by January 1, 2009.  Annual Meeting Handouts go to print in February.

8.      Membership statuses for committee appointments were reviewed.  I am confused with the email dated Thu, 24 Apr 2008 regarding committee appointments sent by the Board Chair.  What committees conflict with officer duties?

9.      The financial status of TSRT is as follows:  Bank of America (General Fund) $ 44.44     Regions (Annual Meeting) $ 326.77

10.  Has the ODM Committee presented a membership drive to the TSRT Board for review?  We need to maintain and grow the membership.  We are continuing to lose members on a monthly basis.

11.  Membership is asking TSRT to provide an online membership directory to enable them to talk with one another.

12.  Are we having a Wade L. Hoots Lecture at the 2009 Meeting?  If yes, has the Wade L. Hoots Committee started their review of potential lecturer candidates?  This selection process needs to be completed prior to the Fall Board Meeting.  We have to give this individual time to prepare for the lecture.

13.  The Radisson Hill Country Resort and Spa is the location of the 2009 Annual Meeting.  The dates are March 5-7, 2009.  Annual Meeting information has been posted on the website.  The following forms need to be approved at this meeting:  Registration Form, Prospectus, Commercial Representative Packet, Recruiting Representative Packet, and Speaker Request Form.

14.  All officers need to have their Tex-Ray articles into the Executive Office by July 15.  Everyone needs to remember this publication is now in electronic format only.  It is distributed to the membership through the runbox account after executive board approval.

15.  The Executive Office has continued to maintain the membership roster, legislative commitment club, and continuing educational activity calendar on a monthly basis.  All other board approved updates have been posted by Third Vice President.  There is a lot of out of date information on the website.

Editor Notes

The articles in this publication are not copy righted; if any good is found we would like to share it.  Tex-Rays are published three/four times a year.  The opinions are those of the author and in no way reflect the opinion or the policy of the Texas Society of Radiologic Technologist, Inc.  The initials “RT” imply certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist.  Tex-Rays is available for downloading and printing from the TSRT website at www.tsrt.info


Rules for Contribution:  All material should be typewritten, double spaced, with wide margins on a medium weight paper with one carbon copy attached.  The author’s name and address should appear on the back of the copy.  Use full names and address of all persons mentioned and write article in good form.  Submissions may also be sent electronically to tsrt@runbox.com No photographs.  The editorial staff reserves the right to reject submitted articles.  All articles should reach the editor not later than the first of the month preceding publication.




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